For 50 years, LOCATOR® Services has offered top-quality products to the used machinery industry. Our primary objective is to provide easy-to-use and effective tools to help businesses buy and sell machines and equipment. We make communication simple – ensuring that advertisers reach potential buyers and sellers promptly. View details and rates for Locator Advertising Opportunities 2019.
A primary print venue for used equipment, the monthly LOCATOR directory reaches 30,000 buyers and sellers of used machinery and equipment. Print distribution rotates through a circulation database of 100,000 companies and individuals. Prospective buyers are reached through mail distribution and electronic notification. Advertising opportunities exist for dealers, brokers, service providers and auctioneers.
Machinery for Sale Listings -- Eligible used machinery dealers can list machinery for sale in the “run of press” section of the directory, which categorizes machinery and equipment according to the Uniform Machinery Classification Codes (UMCCs). Use of these easy-reference codes makes it simple for potential buyers to find the machinery they need. Listings are limited to dealers only.
Dealer Specials & Promotions -- Advertisers focus on specific machines or lines of used equipment in this section in the front of the directory. Currently, this is the only section of the directory where prices can be published.
Display Advertisements in the Listing Section -- Called “run of press,” this section is available for dealers and service providers. Display advertisements are linked to specific machinery categories and are limited to machinery, parts and services.
The Mart -- Featuring services related to manufacturing and the secondary machinery market, this section welcomes advertising from companies providing products and services to manufacturers and machinery dealers.
Auctions & Liquidations -- Advertisers conducting liquidations and auctions can promote upcoming events and product offerings. This section is in the back of the directory.
In market research, the website ranked No. 1 among used machinery buyers, making the site an important advertising venue for used machinery dealers. Printed directory listings also appear online. Web-only machinery listings are also available. Organized by broad categories and UMCCs, the database is easily searchable and enables prospective buyers to link directly to the advertising dealer's website or email for more information on specific machines. Advertising opportunities include:
Web Listings enable dealers to place machines online for a minimal monthly fee, expanding the company's reach online. Photos and specifications can also be added. Directory listings can be flagged to appear automatically on the website. Web-only listings are also available. Any web listing can be designated as "Featured" or "Highlighted."
Featured Machines enable dealers to designate an online machine as "Featured", adding video, price and more. The featured machine will appear at the top of search results and be flagged as the prospective buyer scrolls through machines.
Highlighted Machines enable dealers to designate online machines as "Highlighted", which will add a border that causes the machine to stand out as the prospective buyer scrolls through machines.
Banner Ads are available to on a monthly basis. Banners are positioned within UMCC codes and also rotate in the overall search category. Banners are also available on the home page.
Low-Cost Machines are online listings for machinery and equipment for sale for $3,995 or less. These listings are offered at a low monthly fee.
LOCATOR Toolbox is the website section devoted to accessories and tooling. Listings with specs and pictures can be added for a low monthly fee.
Wanted Listings may be added to the directory and website so dealers can promote surplus machines they would like to buy.
Service Ads focus on services related to metalworking manufacturing with text-based banners on the right side of website pages. These ads can be placed in specific machinery categories or can run throughout the site. 
The Dealers’ Back Office offers advertisers an opportunity to manage their listings in the LOCATOR directory and online, where they can add photos and specifications. Through LOCATOR Direct, dealers can email other dealers regarding machinery wanted or for sale. End-user inquiries (For Sale and Wanted) are forwarded to advertisers through LOCATOR Direct. 
This exclusive email service offers advertisers an opportunity to contact end-users regarding items FOR SALE or WANTED. Display ads are available with live website links and include information on upcoming auctions and liquidations. The email is sent to thousands of companies. Machinery listings are submitted through the Dealers' Back Office. 
This exclusive email service offers advertisers an opportunity to contact dealers regarding items FOR SALE or WANTED. Display ads are available with live website links and include information on upcoming auctions and liquidations. The email is sent to hundreds of dealer companies. End-user requests are sent to LOCATOR advertisers with live email links.
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