DON'T MISS OUT!  Get LOCATOR's CUTTING-EDGE Customer & Inventory Management Software

...the software designed by dealers for dealers


When a buyer calls, can you find the person’s email address, locate the right machine, and send a quote in just 30 seconds? If not, you need Locator’s new inventory software!


The Locator Customer & Inventory Management System (Locator CIMS) includes what dealers want in a software package. The web front-end makes it easy to use whether you are in the office or on the road. And there’s no need for an in-house server with third-party hosting. You can access your software from any computer with a fast internet connection, plus you can:


  • Take advantage of the web interface that works like a website, using the same navigation logic so it’s easy to learn ... and simple to access with any fast internet connection.
  • Capture customer information, including contacts, contact information, machinery types, machines owned, quote history, custom search codes and more.
  • Record inventory details, location, photos, video link, quote and advertising destinations.
  • Quote one or more machines directly in email messages with photo and video links.
  • Add custom fields for customers, inventory and wanteds, as well as manage administrative settings or users and more.
  • Generate RSS feeds to populate your website and send information to advertising destinations like Locator Services.

The inventory software eliminates the need for an in-house server, as well as specific software like Microsoft Office. Locator’s off-the-shelf application will enable dealers to define certain features within the software, customizing use without additional programming. And every dealer suggestion will be taken into account as enhancements are planned for the future.


The web-based software offered through third-party hosting enables the dealer to access customer and inventory records securely via a specific URL. Plus, there's no requirement to purchase the SQL database. The full version is available through the hosting agreement.


The ease of data migration will depend on the quality of data you supply. Locator has created a data migration tool that will streamline the process of mapping existing information and will provide details on preparing legacy data. For some dealers, it may make sense to start from scratch, entering inventory and customers directly. Customers can also be imported from Outlook or some other contact management systems.


Manage Your Advertising the Easy Way

Simple advertising management is just one of the many benefits of the Locator inventory software. You can get the jump on your competitors with the system's great tool to manage your advertising.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.

For each machine, you check the advertising venues where you plan to advertise, choose photos and specs, and then contact the advertising venue with the address of the RSS feed. Your website can be populated the same way. The RSS includes all of the needed information and is updated dynamically. On the receiving end (advertiser or your website), the feed is "consumed" to populate the needed information on your machine tools.


The inventory system is set up to send all types of Locator advertising (i.e., directory-web, web-only, low-cost machines, parts-accessories, featured and highlighted) and a standard feed for your website. RSS feeds can also be set up for other advertising venues. Once you set them up, the feeds continuously update your advertising with all machinery descriptions, photos, and specs.


With the Locator CIMS software, you can:


  • Create distribution lists automatically, based on custom criteria
  • Send quotes via email with embedded photos and specs as well as live links to website pages
  • Create custom queries, reports and distribution lists
  • Generate "marketing" quotes with HTML than can be saved for use with email services
  • Monitor Wanted items
  • Export data directly to Excel for accounting
  • Customize search results by individual user
  • Perform a host of other functions to streamline your operations!

To schedule an online demonstration for your team or to discuss details, please call Jim Bowman at 703-683-5957 or email