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25 Ton, 120" Str, Oilgear, XL-50BX120, 15-30 FPM, 11"Dia Hole, 40 HP
Adams Machinery Co. (847) 673-0556

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25-Ton x 120" stroke Oilgear Model XL-50Bx120 Horizontal Broaching Machine
S/N: 70253                        New: 1953

Variable Speed Cutting And Return Stroke. Variable Length Of Stroke. 11" Diameter Hole In Work Face Plate. Retriever/Follower Unit. Spiral Attachment for Rifling or Helical Broaching. Oilgear Hydraulic Pump. Lever Activation.
Normal Pulling Capacity 50,000 lbs
Peak Pulling Capacity 75,000 lbs
Cutting Speed (Variable), Max. 15-30 FPM
Return Speed (Variable), Max. 80 FPM
Broach Cylinder Bore 9-1/4"
Minimum Length of Stroke 6"
Maximum Length of Stroke 120"
Diameter of Hole in Face Plate 11"
Bore in Main Reducing Bushing 7"
Distance between Crosshead Ways 10"
Face Plate to Face of Crosshead Slide 11"
Vertical Crosshead Adjustment Above or Below C/L 2"
Floor to C/L of Crosshead 36"
Direct Connect Motor Recommended 40 HP
Actual Dimensions without retriever 306" x 70" x 78"
Actual Dimensions with retriever 476" x 70" x 78"

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