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Our goal at LocatorOnline.com is to provide you a quick way to find used machinery for sale and easy-to-use communications tools to reach the seller.  We do not screen your access.  You may use our convenient GET QUOTE feature or choose to email or call the seller directly.  You may also reach the seller’s website with a simple click.


Submitted Information:  When you complete information on our website, it is used for the specific purpose for which you submitted the information.  For example, if you are requesting a quote or information on a machine you find on our site, your contact information is sent to the seller so that you receive a prompt response.  You may also be contacted about changes and opportunities on our website.

Consent and Opt-Out:  By visiting our website and completing information requests, you are giving consent to LocatorOnline.com to use the information as specified. If you receive communications from LocatorOnline.com and do not want to be included in the future, you will have a simple opt-out alternative provided with the communication and can unsubscribe at any time.  

Use of Cookies:  To streamline your visits to LocatorOnline.com, the site uses cookies to identify you when you return.  Provided cookies are enabled on your computer, we will be able to match contact information and populate the request form when you search for machines or submit a free buy-sell request.

Policy Updates:  Please note that the privacy policy may change from time-to-time in order to serve our visitors more efficiently or to offer additional services.  However, your rights as a user will not be reduced and you will always have to option of removing yourself from future participation.

Policy Feedback:  If you have comments or questions regarding this policy, please address them to ListAdmin@LocatorOnline.com.